This is my forecast for July 2018, the month of holidays, the month of the long-awaited holiday for many of you. The calendar will help you understand the general trends of the month and plan your time. At the same time, I recall that only the individual forecast can give a complete picture of the events.



"No," he said quickly. "Not that." To remain friends? To build a small vegetable garden on the cooled lava of extinct feelings? No, it's not for us and you. It happens only after a little intrigue, and even then it turns out to be pretty fake. Love does not stain friendship. The end is the end. "© Erich Maria Remarque" The Triumphal Arch "


"- In a marriage where there is no love, there will be love without marriage." © Benjamin Franklin


"Just as love without respect is short-lived and impermanent, so respect without love is cold and feeble." © B. Johnson

The main theme of July will be, as you already guessed, relations. Themes of parting or transformation of relationships, urgent topics and clarifying the eternal question, who is right, who is to blame, will prevail.

From July 10, we will be in the corridor of three eclipses, which will close on August 14, 2018.

1. New Moon and the Solar eclipse July 13, 2018 - at 21 ° Cancer

2. Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018 in 5 ° signs Leo - Aquarius

3. New Moon and the Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018 at 19 ° Leo

The accent of events in July falls mainly on the signs participating in eclipses, and people who are born close to (plus or minus a couple of days) dates: July 13, October 13, January 13, April 13 will feel the coming changes.

... ... What changes are waiting for you in the corridor of eclipses, you can find out by writing to my mail.

In July 2018 Jupiter returns to the direct position, we must bear in mind that the period of inhibition and laziness is coming to an end and it is time to act. All who have not been sitting all this time with their hands folded, will receive some kind of reward from fate.


In the beginning of July, Chiron will turn into a backward movement, which will affect first of all relations, little things will be given great importance, it will be very easy to leave because of non-essential things. And things that until now seemed important, will lose their significance.

In addition, many past topics of unfinished relationships and unfinished business will return to your life. It is also a good chance to correct past mistakes.


Mars will remain in the backward movement for the entire July, warning hotheads of conflicts, I already wrote about this in detail. It is important not to start new cases in July, to be careful.


"Winners in life always think in the spirit: I can, I want, I. Losers, on the contrary, focus their scattered thoughts on what they might have, could do, or what they can not do. In other words, the winners always take responsibility for themselves, and the losers blame the circumstances or other people for their failures. "Denise Waiteley.




From 1 to 7 July dangerous days. Spend them wisely and be careful everywhere and in everything, especially on the road.


1.07 The day of passion, the prevalence of the mind over the senses. It is not recommended to argue with superiors, especially Cancers.

2.07 Relationships between friends can deteriorate, communication with women will not bring results.

3.07 A day that is successful for many businesses, it is especially good to solve paper matters, to get support from superiors. Carry will Capricorn, Cancer, Lions, Pisces, Sagittarius.

4.07 Fear this day of deceit and ill-conceived decisions, do not share plans, do not give rash promises, carefully handle finances.

5.07 One can say with confidence that this is one of the most successful days in July. Feel free to plan on him the most important things.

6.07 Day of contradictions, disharmony of male and female origin, which will spoil life in various spheres in the afternoon. By evening the situation will be more harmonious.

7.07 Luck can happen where you do not expect. What to fear - bathing in the storm, evil eye and theft. Relations promise harmony.

8.08 On this day, expensive purchases will not be of use, there may be various kinds of delays in transport and business. Especially hard day for the Virgin, Pisces and Gemini.

10.07 On this day the trips are favorable, the good news will not keep you waiting. July 10 Venus enters as a sign of the Virgin. On this day it is good to solve issues relating to paper affairs, a good day for finance and shopping.

11.07 On this and the next day there may be a contradiction between what is desired and achievable, cooling feelings between lovers, annoying quarrels and unpleasant surprises.

12.07 It is also desirable to avoid places of mass gathering of people and machines. Do not sit under the scorching sun.

13.07 July 13 New Moon and the Solar eclipse in Cancer at 6.02 Moscow time, opening the corridor of eclipses. This eclipse will occur on the Rak-Capricorn axis, and it will activate the future new cycle of changes for each of us in the next 2.5 years and globally at 18 years. Remember the events of July 2010-about the same topic, which worried you then, will return to your life. The eclipse of the sun will primarily affect relations, finances and property issues, the theme of karmic retribution Many will feel its influence, as if the old world is falling apart with hopes and plans. And very few people are destined to avoid change. Details about the eclipse in another my article.

From the 14th to the 18th of July, natural disasters, transport failures, problems in long-distance travel both by land transport and by plane are possible. It is in the corridor of eclipses that the most difficult weather conditions, unforeseen delays and obstacles are most likely.

14.07 A difficult day, among other things, more and more

conflict. Try to hold it calmly.

15.07 The day will be successful for Cancers and Gemini, who will be able to navigate in time on the information received.

16.07 For Capricorns, Taurus and Libra, the day is quite good, it will receive good news and Aquarius. This is a day that is better to conduct actively, many cases and trips will be successful. Finance will also make you happy.

17.07 A day of increased caution, especially relevant on the road while driving and for those who decided to go to the mountains. Be careful in everything.

18.07 The day is emotionally heavy, avoid quarrels, conflicts, clarification of relations.





















From 19 to 22 July, stressful situations at work are possible, misunderstanding with superiors, quarrels between close people, quarrels of lovers, financial difficulties and losses are possible.

19.07 It is better to spend the day in a quiet environment, avoid unnecessary money waste.

20.07 On this day beware of arguing with your superiors and avoiding intrigues. Beware of hypothermia.

21.07 successful for finances, trips, important meetings, communication. A beautiful aspect of the Moon with the Sun and Jupiter.

22.07 Excellent for business, trade, finance, communication.

23.07 On July 23, the Sun passes into the sign of Leo and illuminates it. An ideal day for solving the most important cases

24.07 Difficulties in relationships with partners and close people.

25.07 Cooling of the senses and emotional emptiness. Day of sudden injuries and annoying losses. Crabs, Capricorns and Lions should be very careful.

26.07 The day is good for a career, public speaking, lecturing, creative work.

From July 26 to August 19, the retrograde movement of Mercury will begin. Until that date, put all your paperwork in order, do not start anything new in this period, as in the retrograde Mercury affairs will be difficult to move forward and will not be completed on time.

27.07 Lunar eclipse, a day of increased conflict and the triumph of the dark forces. Be reasonable in communication. Quarrels on this day will have a great continuation in the future. The Lion-Aquarius axis prepares us time of big changes, transformations of themselves. The sensual sphere will be very vulnerable these days. The lunar eclipse has a strong influence of Uranus, which in this case is its dispositor and shows the way in the absence of any life support from anyone. This difficult situation, however, is somewhat softened by the White Moon, which symbolizes help from the forces of light and good. And if by this time you have already laid down priorities for yourself in life and have a support, you will still have to change the usual landmarks, to leave the stagnant situations mercilessly, and look for new implementation schemes. The most severe eclipse will affect people whose birthdays fall between January 20 and 31, July, November, and April 23-31. Chiron entered the sign of Aries in the corridor of eclipses, and this first occurrence symbolizes qualitative changes in life.


28.07 The influence of the eclipse remains, spend this day in a calm atmosphere.

29.07 The day of the triumph of good over evil, all the good deeds done by you will receive a reward. It is good to be engaged in charity, to give alms.

30.07 Day of luck, happy coincidence. Use the day to achieve the desired goal.

31.07 The day of clairvoyance, intuition and prophetic dreams. Follow the signs of fate.

What July prepared exactly for you, you can find out by writing to me on my email.


"My opinion about travels is brief: when traveling, do not go too far, or you will see something that later you will not be able to forget ..." © Daniil Harms


"Travel has its advantages. If a traveler visits the best countries, he can learn how to improve his own. If fate brings him to the worst countries - he can learn how to love his country. "© Samuel Johnson


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