This eclipse will occur at 23.21 Moscow time (maximum phase) and will be observed in most of Europe (including Russia), Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Antarctica.


This will be the longest lunar eclipse - its duration will be 103 minutes: from 19:30 to 21.13 UTC (Greenwich Mean Time).


The peculiarity of this eclipse is manifested in the bright tau-square formed by the connections: the Sun, the White Moon, the Ascending node (in Leo), the Moon, the Black Moon, Mars and the Descending Lunar Node (in Aquarius) - and Uranus.


We can say that the configuration is very disturbing both on the social plane and on the household one. Everyone meets in one way or another with the need to overcome the destructive principle in himself and others, which will be complicated by the unpredictability of the consequences of this struggle. Probably this is the danger of this eclipse - the forces of evil and destruction are very active and on how far we are ready for this fight, our future prosperity will depend.


The configuration, I repeat, is very destructive, conflicting, concealing completely unpredictable reactions. Extreme natural cataclysms-tau-square with the summit on Uranus- and social tension in the countries of the eclipse appear also.

The main changes will concern partnership and marital relations, personal and family problems, relations to the motherland and national traditions. Uranium is also a planet responsible for nuclear reactions, nuclear power plants, electricity, aviation. The Uranus-Mars square here is a very unpleasant configuration, on the day of the eclipse, and two days before and after it, try to avoid air flights in which with this configuration any troubles are possible, avoid as far as possible long journeys, be careful with electrical appliances. The conjunction of the Moon and Mars gives a situation of intolerance, incontinence, lack of control. The presence in the same position of the Black Moon - gives aggression, the desire for repression, violence, a meeting with the most dangerous of its manifestations.

The Black Moon on this day becomes a provocateur and a trigger of all kinds of trouble. Hold on this day of children and young people at home, do not walk after sunset and do not even leave clothes to dry on the street.


The softening of this whole action will be the combination of the White Moon and the Sun, as opposed to the forces of darkness, and the Rising Node will strengthen this connection. Those who are full of compassion for others, who help the needy and serve the good and the light, will be protected by the Guardian Angel on this day and evil will not touch them.


Here we can say about a certain principle of retribution for past deeds, a kind of trial of souls, on which everyone will receive, as far as their respective events occur. Mars in conjunction with the Descending Node - a symbol of the karmic load of past years and even incarnations - will be particularly aggressive and its impact will be especially devastating and heavy.


Scandals, looting, financial fraud can become frequent in the society. In the production of explosions, fire, non-standard emergency situations. In nature, drought, fires. We need to take care of personal safety.


Do not start new lunar affairs during the lunar eclipse, do not plan important meetings, weddings, housewarming, company opening, dismissal and entry to a new job. All these cases, during this period are failed and will not have continuation.


On health, pay attention to the thyroid gland, hormonal system, cardiovascular system. Also, the bone system will be weakened, rheumatological diseases will worsen.


The most vulnerable signs in this period are Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio. They will have to face the problems of choosing the next fate. Relationships that will be destroyed during this period are unlikely to be given a chance to return. Losses will be fatal. The same concern for Finanсе-avoid unreasonable embezzlement and investment in the days of this lunar eclipse, do not take loans, do not get into debt. Avoid all forces of argument and quarrels with relatives. Therefore, no matter how much you want to find out, conflict and prove your rightness, put it off for a better time. Be reasonable!












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